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Evening Song Starry Night (Star)

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Dog , English Shepherd , Female |Seal and white


Sire: Red Bank Whisper of Smoke
Dam: Dykstra's Blacksheep Taffy

Not for sale

Dykstra's Blacksheep Taffy

English Shepherd Female Clear sable (yellow)

Taffy is the farm manager of our little farm. She is varmint-patrol, sky-watcher, sheep herder, and is keenly aware of whenever something is out of place. She is calm when not on duty, but ready for action as soon as I start to put on jacket or boots. Taffy has had three litters of wonderful pups in her life. Two were sired by Red Bank Whisper of Smoke, and last year's litter was sired by our own Remy. She is a wonderful mother, teaching the pups what is allowed and what is not, playing wit ...
  | UKC#  | Clear sable (yellow)
Not for Sale
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Star is Taffy's daughter, sired by Red Bank Whisper of Smoke. She is quick, nimble, and always ready for action. And at the moment, she is sleeping right under my chair, knowing that it's not time for chores just yet. Star could do well in agility, and we intend to try her out in that area at some point. She is quick to pick up on anything new, but will allow her mother and Remy to take over if there is farm work to do. By herself, she is capable of everything that they routinely do. Star easily outmaneuvers Remy and it is their joy every morning to stalk and dash away at full speed, unless there is work to do. Star may have a litter in the fall of 2020. Her hip health is excellent (PennHip testing in the top 10% of English Shepherds tested), and she is negative for MDR1, clear for DM and PRA/PRCD.

Updated 10/2/2023